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RealityMine has integrated ACRCloud’s audio content recognition SDK in its passive metering app to identify specific commercials. The data is analyzed along with personal location behavior to draw insights about consumer behavior from commercial viewings and real-world store visits.


We were attracted by ACRCloud’s range of up-to-date SDKs, developer tools and high scalability. Integration of the Android SDK was straightforward and when an opportunity to enhance the performance on low-end devices was discovered, an improvement was delivered very rapidly.

We trust ACRCloud when it comes to fingerprinting, the way they have grown over the past few years is impressive!


Soundcharts works with ACRCloud to monitor music airplay on radio stations around the world. Soundcharts integrates with ACRCloud’s API of broadcast monitoring to receive all music airplay data for each station. It then distributes monitoring results to artists or labels who are using Soundcharts.

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Track Ad

Track Ads or Music Usage

Get to know when and where the Ads or music have been played.

Audience Measurement On TV​

Audience Measurement on TV

Get insights of the TV audiences by measuring when and what content they have watched.

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