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ACRCloud’s music copyright detection service is a very efficient solution for music distributors to use as a content filter to track if the content has been distributed. It is easy to deploy by SDKs applying multiple platforms and APIs. With ACRCloud’s extensive global music fingerprint database and robust audio fingerprinting technology, Believe is enhancing the protection of song copyright for artists and labels to digital media providers (DSPs).

Protecting the content from our customers is a key priority for us and we look forward to developing this collaboration with ACRCloud to help us further develop the services we provide to the music industry.

Effective copyright protection is the key to success for the thousands of artists who use Audiomack. We’re excited to partner long-term with the proven team and technology at ACRCloud to offer comprehensive solutions.

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Audiomack is a music streaming and audio distribution platform that allows artists to upload music and podcasts to listeners across its mobile apps and site. Audiomack’s partnership with ACRCloud marks a step forward in the protection of artists, creators, and copyright holders. All newly uploaded music to Audiomack will be extracted, compared to ACRCloud’s database of more than 72 million pieces of copyrighted music, and identified for copyright infringement risk.

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Check copyrighted content in UGC

Checking Copyrighted Music In User Generated Content

Match songs against the world’s biggest music database to avoid copyright infringement.​

Media file deduplication

Media File Deduplication

Find duplicate media files in your database to save hosting costs.

Checking Your Custom Content In User Generated Content​

Checking Your Custom Content In User Generated Content

Build your own database to match songs against and find matches in the UGC.​

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