WARM Partners with ACRCloud to Revolutionize Global Radio Monitoring for the Music Industry

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[Copenhagen/Düsseldorf, 10th Of July, 2023] WARM, the leading radio airplay monitoring platform, is excited to announce a new partnership with ACRCloud, a cutting-edge music recognition technology provider. This strategic collaboration further solidifies WARM’s commitment to democratizing unparalleled access to global radio airplay data, filling a crucial gap in especially the long-tail and independent segment of the music industry. 

The partnership is built on a shared vision of developing innovative and user-friendly technologies to empower music industry professionals, and has already allowed WARM to launch an extensive upgrade of its platform resulting in lightning-fast loading times, customization of data visualization tools, and new report designs.

By leveraging the strength of both companies, the partnership will make it possible to introduce a range of new products and services, as well as custom APIs that enable WARM to scale its core product via its existing network of partners and collaborators already serving the music industry with streaming analytics, music distribution, and promotional tools. 

“WARM is thrilled to join forces with ACRCloud; our partnership will provide us with an ideal structure to develop WARM and new products much faster,” said Jesper Skibsby, CEO of WARM. “This aligns perfectly with our mission to empower, especially the independent music industry and artists.”

“We are excited to collaborate with WARM,” said Tony Li, Co-Founder of ACRCloud. “Our advanced music recognition technology, combined with WARM’s extensive music network and strong brand, will provide unprecedented monitoring capabilities to artists and industry professionals. This partnership marks a significant step in transforming how music is monitored and analyzed globally.”

About ACRCloud:

ACRCloud provides cost-effective automatic content recognition technology and related solutions for audio and audio-visual content identification and copyright monitoring. The company’s clients include Deezer, KKBOX, The Orchard, Tunecore, RouteNote, Amuse, and Believe. ACRCloud ranked #1 in audio fingerprinting technology in the prestigious Music Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange (MIREX) campaign in 2015 and 2016.

About WARM:

Copenhagen-based WARM is a music business intelligence platform that revolutionizes how radio airplay is tracked and analyzed globally. Its user-friendly interface provides record labels, radio promoters, managers, and artists with valuable insights and real-time data on radio airplay, enabling them to understand their reach and popularity on a global scale. WARMs platform allows for data-driven decisions and identifying growth opportunities. WARM is an accessible and cost-effective solution for artists, labels, and promotional companies of all sizes.

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